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Dog Potty Training

Dog Potty Training For Your Puppy

For starters, you CAN’T expect your puppy to be fully housetrained and fully dependable before he’s six month old. With that being said, a dog can be housetrained between one to six weeks. A great deal is determined by your puppy’s size and breed and for the most part the efforts you put into housetraining him.

There’s also the reality that your puppy won’t have sufficient bladder and bowel controls before he’s 16 weeks of age. Quite simply, he’s unable to “hold it” for extensive periods so you have to be extra vigilant in that period. But that doesn’t indicate that you can’t start housetraining her as soon as she puts her paws inside your home. It simply means that you need to expect your pup to have a handful of accidents.  Thankfully there are some wonderful dog potty training aids which you can use.

dog potty training

Pups Should be taught Where To Go

For a lot of precocious puppies this might be so; nonetheless, many young dogs taken through such an easygoing, shortened potty protocol continue to be only partly housetrained, or they have potty mishaps for months. These little cuties understand that pottying outdoors is good, but they don’t realize that inside is off limits. The truth is, they may even come inside the house soon after an extensive playtime or exercise and relieve themselves on the costly rug.
This is because toilet training isn’t just about teaching where to go. It’s also about making it clear that other areas are unacceptable, until pottying only in the right spot turns into a habit.

Where Should my Puppy Eliminate?

There are just two places your dog can eliminate: outdoor at his “elimination area” or indoor at his “toilet stop.” Probably the most frequent mistake new owners make is to believe that paper training is the first step to housetraining. It’s actually not.
Housetraining, or outdoor training, is the method of teaching your puppy to eliminate outside all the time while indoor training involves teaching your dog to eliminate at a designed place, his toilet stop, inside your house.

Prevention Is the Key

The true secret to potty training is taking your young pup out frequently (typically every two hours for an eight-week-old pup) and never giving him the chance to have a potty accident. This means a minimum of eight trips each day.

dog potty training

To prevent giving your dog the chance to potty anywhere else in the house he should always either be:
 in his crate
 in a puppy-safe and potty-safe playpen with a potty area which has an ideal potty surface (like fake grass or pee pads)
 attached to you by a leash so he can’t wander off to potty
 or under your direct supervision in an enclosed area. Direct guidance implies you’re looking at him at all times.

Follow this plan for a month straight and he’ll dependably get the habit of going outside and holding it inside. Then continue keeping a close eye on him for another month or two, particularly when you take him on outings to other people’s homes, before affirming his completely potty trained.